Unlock Real Estate Magic With TOOR Today

Technology is a strange and awesome thing that seems to grow every minute. Tasks that people struggled with 10 or five years ago can either be easily accomplished using an app or another device. In the world of real estate, there’s an app and a device for that. Dallas-based TOOR Today plans to bring the process of viewing and buying a home up to speed.

TOOR is a high-tech lockbox with accompanying app that offers home buyers, sellers and agents a quicker, more streamlined way to connect with one goal in mind: taking a house for sale off the market. For potential buyers, no longer will meticulous planning be involved when viewing a house. Buyers can view the home at any time by reserving a showing time and following the instructions to open the lockbox, all from the TOOR app.

Sellers will be able to focus more on other things without having to worry about who may be in their homes. Sellers can view profiles for both agents and buyers and then decide whether or not to accept their showing requests. This speeds up the vetting process and will allow the seller to get more potential buyers and agents in to see the home.

Agents connected to TOOR can have more access to potential buyers who don’t want to wait days or weeks to view a property, they can meet them in real time. TOOR will reduce the need for multiple apps or devices to track potential buyers, their schedules and offers.

Outside of real estate, TOOR can offer peace of mind to those who may need to leave behind keys to their home. You can leave your keys for maintenance or maids, for emergency purposes in the TOOR lockbox and your friends, family and your children can have access to the lockbox through an approved guest list. There’s no more leaving at the drop of a hat to make sure people who need access to your home while you’re away can get in.

Ultimately, TOOR hopes to provide safety and assurance for anyone who uses it, no matter the use.

For more information about TOOR, to see how it works and to back their Kickstarter campaign, visit here.

Ateanna Uriri

Ateanna Uriri is a journalism major at UNT and currently an editorial intern for Launch DFW. When she is not at school or interning, she works as a library associate for the Dallas Public Library and is an active blerd (Black nerd) with a love for books, particularly the graphic variety, old films and documentaries.