Startup Profile: Doozie

Word of mouth (WOM) has time and again been the best way to let others know about an event, a new restaurant nearby, or someone’s great service. People pass on a card or a number, hoping to grow their business and help out a friend.

Doozie, a DFW-based startup created by Nate Bernard and Forrest Perry, has taken the word of mouth concept and made an app. Just like traditional WOM, a person can refer someone to others, but Doozie is more permanent than a scratch piece of paper with a number or constantly reminding your friend of the number of the company that helped paint your house.

The referrer (User A) goes into Doozie and selects the person they want to refer (User B) and the person they want to send the referred to (User C). User B, the referred, and User C, the person receiving the referral, simultaneously receive notification about User A’s referral.

If neither User B nor C has the Doozie app, User B receives a text letting them know that User A has referred them and also includes a link to download the app to follow up. User C receives a text with the name and phone number of User B and a link to their Doozie profile if they have one.

The app allows the user to create a Doozie profile, similar to a traditional online profile and a digital business card. Doozie works with contacts in your phone to connect them to real world contacts you meet.

Currently, the creators of Doozie are finalizing designs of the app for both Android and iOS, with hopes for release towards the middle of this year.

For more information, to invest in Doozie, or to be a part of the Beta testing group, visit the website here.

Ateanna Uriri

Ateanna Uriri is a journalism major at UNT and currently an editorial intern for Launch DFW. When she is not at school or interning, she works as a library associate for the Dallas Public Library and is an active blerd (Black nerd) with a love for books, particularly the graphic variety, old films and documentaries.