Dallas-Based NoiseAware Solves the Issue of Noise Complaints for VRBOs

David Krauss is the cofounder of NoiseAware, a Dallas-based company founded to serve the vacation-based rental industry, such as Airbnb and Vacation Rental By Owner. Along with Andrew Schulz, an electrical engineer, is an alum of VentureSpur Accelerator, while Krauss has been growing his property portfolio as an Airbnb host and investor in The Cedars. Together, they created NoiseAware, a device that offers a noninvasive noise monitoring service. The idea evolved after a weekend guest at one of Krauss’ properties threw a massive party, a party that the Dallas Police knew about before he even did.

NoiseAware has three features. First, it senses the noise level in an apartment; second, it provides the homeowner an instant alert when the noise level of the unit exceeds a specified limit during quiet hours; and third, it preserves and protects the privacy of the guest. Krauss calls it a smoke detector for noise; a smoke detector only activates when there is an unsafe level of smoke in the room. NoiseAware only activates when the noise in the room has crossed a predetermined threshold.

With noise complaints an ongoing problem in the vacation rental industry, one out of every 1,000 nights results in a noise complaint, NoiseAware offers a solution that does not invade the privacy of those occupying the unit. Krauss and Schulz interviewed more than 60 Airbnb operators in the United States and Europe and found that this device was something that would solve one of the biggest headaches property managers and Airbnb operators were facing. Every vacation rental property represents an average of $27,000 in revenue, and with NoiseAware, a $99 per year service, that revenue can be protected from vacation tenants upsetting neighbors and seeking a cease and desist.

During the first month of NoiseAware’s rollout, there were two successful interventions and 15 Vacation Rental Managers will be receiving 100 sensors this month. There are another 1,000 devices, built in Dallas, that will be shipped in the upcoming months offering Vacation Rental property owners the ability to protect their investment by enforcing quiet-time hours.

Harmony Tapper