Connect2Me: A Growing Resource for IoT Startups

If you’re involved in the Internet of Things (IoT) space, you’d do well to check out the fantastic resource being built over at, which is based in Dallas.

Connect2Me, as the service is officially called, can be thought of as a kind of IoT directory service that’s building what it calls “an aggregated and growing list of smart devices and API providers in the IoT space.” It’s a place where developers can come to find new devices and services, learn about those products, and access all of the developer documentation they need, including APIs and SDKs, to start making products and services around them.

In effect, the idea is to try and help streamline the process of discovering and building new IoT devices and services. That’s not such a bad idea when one considers how many millions of faceless connected devices are already out there in the world, that are not currently being tapped into.

A quick glance at Connect2Me site shows that it’s still got some way to go before it becomes the kind of fully comprehensive IoT listings directory it wants to be, but the listings it does have are extremely detailed. As well as the documentation, there are several success stories for each device and service on the site, as well as a list of interesting possible implementations. The site currently features more than 125 connected devices and over 50 APIs, and is growing.

“Connect2Me is an education marketplace that will help developers find IoT devices,” said Connect2me founder Yasser Khan in an interview last year. “We have multiple phases going forward. So anyone who wants to build an IoT application will be able to do a deep introspective, evoke some of the APIs, and see what value is being provided, what sort of handshake/authentication they have, and then start to build their applications.”

Connect2Me has already garnered a lot of attention in local circles thanks to its participation in HackDFW 2015. It’s currently being advised by Dallas native Pete DeNagy, chair of the IoT forum at Tech Titans.

Photo source:
Mike Wheatley