Dallas Gets Hooked Into World’s First Dedicated M2M Network

Local developers are set to get a big boost with the initial rollout in Dallas of the world’s first Machine to Machine (M2M) network that’s exclusive to IoT/M2M connectivity. Once fully operational, San Diego-based Ingenu’s “Machine Network” will become the largest IoT and M2M network in the country, covering an area of almost 100,000 square miles and serving around 100 million users in the U.S.

Ingenu’s network, which is based on the company’s proprietary RPMA (Random Phase Multiple Access) communications technology, is to be introduced in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, and Phoenix, Arizona, ahead of a nationwide rollout planned for later this year. The two metropolitan areas were chosen due to the high prevalence of IoT applications already operating within their locales, in the industrial monitoring, public infrastructure, security and transportation sectors, the company said.

Assuming the network works as well as Ingenu says it will, Launch DFW believes it should bring some serious benefits to Dallas’ burgeoning IoT startup scene, because existing cellular networks are not designed with the vast majority of connected devices and applications in mind.

“The Machine Network provides an ideal alternative to devices and applications that are currently connected via 2G cellular networks, which are not ideally designed for M2M/IoT connectivity,” the company said in a statement.

Besides covering an incredibly expansive area compared to other networks, Ingenu’s Machine Network offers a number of advantages that should appeal to local developers and hardware hackers alike. Perhaps the biggest advantage is that Ingenu doesn’t rely on the licensed spectrum, which means it isn’t constrained in the same way that cellular networks are. In addition, Ingenu says it can guarantee a massive 20 years of network longevity due to the unchanging physics of its core RPMA technology.

“Ingenu’s RPMA network is ready for virtually any IoT/M2M application, and we anticipate that developers and technology partners alike will take advantage of all the benefits that the technology offers, such as unprecedented coverage, greater capacity and system longevity,” said Ingenu CEO John Horn.

Photo Credit: amsfrank via Compfight cc
Mike Wheatley