MyDallasMove: A Great Resource for Anyone Making the Move to Dallas/Fort Worth

Silicon Valley is rapidly losing its luster among tech entrepreneurs as the place to be to found a startup. While its still a great center for innovation, the valley’s increasingly high cost of living, with median home prices approaching $1 million, is fueling an exodus of tech workers to more affordable parts of the country, as Launch DFW’s Harmony Tapper reported earlier this week.

Many of these workers are eyeing the Dallas/Fort Worth area as an alternative to better-known startup centers like Seattle and Austin, and with good reason too. What with the low cost of living and a dynamic startup scene that encompasses dozens of accelerators, coding schools and tech-themed events throughout the year, Dallas/Fort Worth clearly has the potential to become the “next Silicon Valley.”

Nonetheless, anyone who’s looking to make the move to Dallas/Fort Worth will want to take more than just our word for it, which is why we’d like to draw attention to a great little resource called It’s a new website that documents the experiences of more than a dozen individuals from all walks of life who’ve taken the plunge and moved to the DFW area in search of a better life.

Dennis Jansen, an engagement manager with the Thomson Reuters news agency, is one such person who believes he’s found it. And as it turns out, he didn’t even choose to move to Dallas – instead, Dallas found him by virtue of being able to offer everything he wants from a city lifestyle.

“I was able to move wherever I wanted, but I wanted to make the move in a thoughtful manner,” Jansen told MyDallasMove. “So, I created a spreadsheet of the seven most important factors in a city for me, assigned weights to each of the factors, and simply ran the numbers for the biggest cities in the U.S. Dallas turned out to be number one, so that’s why I moved. The methodology is on my personal website.”

Besides offering real-life accounts of people’s experiences in moving to Dallas, MyDallasMove is a great resource for housing options, jobs, information on the various neighborhoods, school options and much more. If you’re thinking of making the big move to DFW, be sure to check it out.

Photo Credit: Tim_Childers via Compfight cc
Mike Wheatley