Safe Response Offers Storm Victims Respite

Dallas is a unique city that is cultivating top tech talent across a range of industries. Rick Galloway, business developer and social entrepreneur, in an interview with Launch DFW, said, “Technology and social innovation has a global thought leader in Dallas and his name is Keith Thode.”

Thode is the mastermind being Safe Night, an app for women fleeing from domestic abuse. Following the December storms that saw tornadoes rip through North Texas, displacing residents, Thode was able to reimagine Safe Night to help those needing shelter after a storm. Storm victims forced to move out of their homes faced increasing debt while they had nowhere else to stay, adding a financial crisis on top of the devastation of a natural disaster.

Safe Response is an app that connects those displaced due to natural disasters with hotels rooms, for free. Donors go directly to and can donate by buying hotels rooms for victims either through monetary donations or by donating hotel points. A partnership between the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas and Advanced Net Labs, the app is the first of its kind and offers secure transactions.

Jennifer Sampson of United Way told CBS DFW that the app is “the first of its kind, a crowd sourcing technology platform that allows donors to go directly to a site and give” to those whose needs are immediate. The goal of Safe Response is simple: to provide a safe place at no cost for families and individuals that experience a natural disaster. This eliminates the stress with having to pay hotel costs that become excessive in the weeks after a residence is destroyed.

Much like Safe Night, Safe Response provides those in need with a safe place to stay while they stabilize before being able to take the next step, whether its rebuilding their lives or their homes. The innovation of both apps is unique because there is currently nothing else out there like this. Thode and Galloway have seamlessly brought together the desire to help others in a platform readily accessible to all.

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