Dallas Fishackathon Offers a Unique Opportunity for Programmers to Solve Complex, but Urgent, Issues

Dallas is known for many things; its green culture is not one of them. Yet, there are 4,658 surface acres of water, 18,641 acres of municipal tree canopy, and 143 miles of developed trails. This is in addition to the Great Trinity Forest that is home to white-tailed deer, American alligators, bald eagles and more than a dozen types of local wildlife, offering ample opportunity to enjoy the natural wonders of the region.

With Earth Day quickly approaching, there is an increased focus on nature, and this year Dallas is joining 39 other cities in hosting a Fishackathon. This is a positive explosion in growth from the 12 host cities of Fishackathon in 2015, where more than 400 coders in five countries gathered with more than 50 expert fishery advisors working to solve serious problems. The result was 40 submissions, found here, that hope to solve problems in fisheries management, conservation, aquaculture and traceability.

Earth Day Weekend, April 22-24, will be the third annual national Fishackathon, and DFW’s will be at Dallas Fair Park, where there is an opportunity for programmers to unite to work toward developing solutions for aquatic environmental issues. Using technology to find solutions for fisheries management (using science to protect resources), conservation (preservation, protection and restoration), aquaculture (breeding, rearing, and harvesting of plants and animals responsibly), and traceability (being able to track any item through a recorded ID) could result in a major breakthrough to protect our limited natural resources.

Using developers to build solutions is not new in DFW; just last month Startup Weekend Dallas was held in order to find solutions to the water crisis in Flint Michigan, in Fight For Flint. With the goal of collaboration to create solutions, the tech industry focused on the water crisis with the intention of presenting novel ways to help the region improve the safety of the local water supply and ending the crisis that has torn the city apart.

This April, Dallas is also playing host to HackDFW, a two-day event where programmers collaborate to create innovative solutions for social problems.

For more information on Fishackathon 2016 in Dallas, and to register to participate, follow this link.

Harmony Tapper