The Gaming Industry Is as Strong as Ever in Dallas

A conversation about the Dallas tech industry would not be complete without the gaming community. The gaming industry in Dallas is strong and hiring, offering those who have always wanted to work creating the games that others love to play.

Gearbox Software, the group behind Half-Life, Brothers in Arms, Duke Nukem, Borderlands, Aliens, and Battleborn. The mission at Gearbox is to entertain the world, which it has successfully done since 1999. With about 250 employees, Gearbox is always hiring and asks that anyone interested in working for the company to send a resume and portfolio to be considered as jobs open.

idSoftware, founded in 1991, has produced iconic brands, such as DOOM, Wolfenstein, QUAKE, and Enemy Territory. Creating games across platforms, PC/Mac, previous and next-gen consoles, and mobile devices, idSoftware is an industry leader. The international company has offices around the world housing about 600 employees, including Richardson, Texas. With jobs such as audio programmer, game programmer, technical producer, and temporary play tester, there are jobs for anyone who would like to work in the gaming industry.

Oculus VR features four distinct product lines: Rift, Touch, Oculus Ready PCs, and Gear VR. Spanning the VR realm from Rift headsets, Touch the handheld VR controllers, PCs designed specifically to run Rift, and Samsung GearVR, allowing a user to turn their Galaxy smartphone into a mobile Gear VR. Oculus has locations across the United States and Hong Kong and is currently hiring for an Android SDK engineer at its Dallas location. With about 200 employees spread across the country, there is room for growth since the company was bought by Facebook in 2014 for $2 billion when there was only 75 employees.

It is undeniable that Dallas is a bustling tech hub, and this is true for the gaming industry as well. Gearbox Software, idSoftware and Oculus are three great options for the tech employee looking to break into the gaming industry. With great benefits, and opportunities for advancement, Dallas is the perfect location to start a new and exiting career in the field.

Blog post by: Harmony Tapper
Staff Writer