Across Dallas/Fort Worth Startup Innovation Is Bountiful

It is undeniable that the Dallas/Fort Worth start-up scene is anything but hot. Megan Winkler of Culture Map Dallas reviewed the seven most exciting startups in the city, highlighting the wealth of innovation and entrepreneurship that exists across industries.

Block Party Suites started by offering a pop-up village for Southern Methodist University’s home games that has quickly spread throughout the state. Offering satellite television, premium parking, total party customization, and a VIP lounge at many facilities, Block Party Suites is changing the face of tailgating.

Make Your Life Sweeter is made up of four brands offering gourmet sweets to a wide audience. Locally, Hotel ZaZa will be creating a menu featuring cotton candy while the desserts found themselves at center stage at the White House Correspondence Dinner.

CataBoom is a behavioral marketing engagement platform changing how businesses interact with customers by creating games and surveys. The interactions create the opportunity for customers to then be rewarded based on their performance. Then there is Circle Seven Five that is changing the face of the private social scene. For the young women of Dallas, Circle Seven Five offers professional and personal enrichment, with 15 carefully created activities each month cultivating relationships and camaraderie.

Iuzeit, currently beta testing, offers users product reviews and ratings before making a purchase and is intended to make it easier to shop online without the need to jump from website to website to get more information before buying. Leaseful is a platform for college students looking to sublet space to other college students with the platform performing verification to ensure the guests are who they say, and with secure online payments transactions are easy.

Visage Payroll is serving the North Texas small business community, providing free payroll services to those with less than 50 employees.

The Common Desk has also compiled its own list, “The 22 Hottest Startups In Dallas,” further showcasing the wealth of talent in the Dallas/Fort Worth region. The Common Desk, located in the Deep Ellum neighborhood of Dallas, is a coworking space to anyone from any industry for an affordable price.

Blog post by: Harmony Tapper

Staff Writer