Robin Puts Your Lawn on Autopilot

A Robin is red, right? Wrong. (Wait, what?!) That’s right, you heard it here first, folks. Robin is blue. At least that’s the color that Justin Crandall and Bart Lamont, founders of Robin, the lawncare service marketplace, showed up wearing when they pitched at 1 Million Cups on February 17. Their company solves the problem of unresponsive, unreliable and inaccessible lawncare for people in the 21st century who want their lives to function just like the Uber app. In just a few clicks, and an address input, you can have your recurring lawncare service set-up and paid for (by credit card!). No phone tag to get a quote, no “are they going to show,” and no overgrown lawns.

The dynamic duo launched Robin with Dialexa Labs (the team behind Vinli) and moved from Austin to Dallas to be with and grow their team in the DFW region. When asked “Why Dallas?” they identified that not only was their team (Dialexa Labs) in Dallas, but that the tech talent that they would need to transition their platform was more plentiful in Dallas. (And that’s a fact!) Robin is looking to build a full-stack team and is currently in need of front-end and mobile developers. If you’re interested, reach out to the Robin team directly.

Apart from high five-ing Dallas’ tech community, Crandall and Lamont fielded questions from the audience about their revenue model (just like Uber: 15-20% of each sale), their customer experience (driven by the customer’s ratings), and seasonality, 1099, and liability issues.

Notably, the grand vision of the company is to service “anything outside the home.” (Clearly the team thought that part through … because they didn’t name themselves “lawn bros.”) Also, they aren’t necessarily playing the startup game to exit. They’re focused on building a team and providing a solid business … but they won’t turn down $100 million if you’re looking to shell out a few small potatoes.

In discussing the Robin pitch with the crowd, most sincerely a few homeowners and an employment lawyer, the team should watch out for the following:

  • The market rate for lawncare services and the difference in Robin’s price (~$25 vs. ~$40).
  • Robin’s assets (its vendors) and ensuring that its legal structures are appropriate.
  • The exit strategy for investors and how the business will scale outside of Dallas.

These guys were polished, prepared and brought their blue T-shirt-wearing cheering squad to the game, which made catching up on their business after the pitches easy to do … and spot. You can try Robin at or apply for one of their tech jobs at

Looking for polished and prepared? Practice your pitch and get some feedback … rinse and repeat.

Photo by Pixabay

Debra Swersky

Debra has spent her career building, scaling, and managing operations in start-up organizations. Companies such as Inside Sports & Entertainment Group, SCVNGR/LevelUp, Visible Measures, and High Start Group have used Debra’s enterprising energy to facilitate their exponential growth.