Koupon Media Takes Mobile Coupons to the Next Level

One of the world’s largest mobile coupon platforms, Koupon Media, has just hit a major milestone having delivered more than 500 million mobile offers to its retail partners since it launched less than five years ago.

This marks yet another milestone for the startup scene in Dallas – Fort Worth too, because Koupon Media was incubated by none other than Dallas-based accelerator Tech Wildcatters, graduating as one of its class of 2011.

“While Koupon has experienced immense growth since it came onto the scene in 2011, its accomplishments in the last year are significant,” the company said in a release this week. “In 2015 alone, Koupon Media doubled the number of offers it delivered, reaching 500 million by the end of 2015. These offers drove 20 million store trips, leading to $100 million in additional gross margin for its clients.”

Some of Koupon Media’s recent developments include the launch of its Koupon Offer Network in 2015, which has rapidly grown to become the largest such mobile offer network in the world. The network provides Koupon’s retail partners with access to millions of consumers across the country with more than 30,000 in-network retail locations around the U.S. Meanwhile, the company’s main Koupon Platform offering continues to go from strength to strength, supporting thousands of large-scale national campaigns over the last five years and driving 10-times the average redemption rate for its clients, the company claimed.

With its stunning success, it’s little wonder that venture capitalists have thrown their money behind the Koupon Media’s offerings. To date, the company has $7.25 million in venture capital funding, including a $2 million Series A round in November 2011 led by Houston’s Mercury Fund and a $4.5 million Series B round led by Dallas-based Trailblazer Capital in April 2012.

Blog post by: Mark “Rizzn” Hopkins

Image credit: jridgewayphotography via flickr.com
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