Coding Bootcamps Offer Techies Experience

Coding schools, or coding boot camps, are a relatively new phenomenon, with programs by DevMountain, The Iron Yard, and Tech Talent South blazing in a field where graduates of such programs are prepared for entry-level tech jobs and, according to John Lauerman of Bloomberg Business, see an average salary increase of $23,000. Each school offers its own unique curriculum meant to prepare their students for careers in the field.

DevMountain has four locations, two of which are in the DFW area, and offers free housing to all students while also offering full-time or part-time programs. Focusing on web and iOS development and UX design, there is a program for everyone at all skill levels, along with one-on-one mentoring and job assistance. With a central Dallas location, as well as an easy-to-access Addison, TX, location, those wishing to learn how to code or how to code better can do so in the tech-friendly DFW region. Offering free housing to students allows them to integrate into the community, strengthening the tech culture in the region.​

Fernanda Silva left an unfulfilling job to attend DevMountain at the urging of a friend in the field. DevMountain allowed her to get the technical experience and internship that led to the start of her new career at Vinli, a burgeoning Dallas startup. With a background in marketing, she never thought coding was in her future, but with encouragement of a friend in the field, she took the leap, and it has paid off.

The Iron Yard, with campuses across America and locally in Dallas, offers front- and back-end engineering programs and is exceptionally unique because it offers the opportunity for kids to learn coding for free. The Iron Yard puts its students first, making people-focused decisions when it comes to the programming offered and creating an environment that encourages collaboration.

Tech Talent South has locations across the Southern United States, putting into perspective the wealth of talent that is to be found. In Dallas, Tech Talent South offers free kids coding courses, coding bootcamps, Big Data analytics, web design and creation, and programming for business people, as well as courses on growing your brand, a useful course in the hyper-competitive market. Tech Talent South capitalizes on the wealth of tech giants located in the region, helping to leverage graduates into meaningful positions and a successful career.

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Blog post by: Harmony Tapper

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