Corporate Family Feud Luncheon: WERX Foundations’ Innovative Approach to Community Engagement

The WERX Center is a community center for entrepreneurs and startups focused on offering workspace resources for tech-related companies. The center partners with the McKinney Economic Development Corp. with the ultimate goal of helping the small business community of McKinney, Texas, to continue to grow and flourish.

The WERX Foundation, which operates the Center, has taken a unique approach toward building the community and supporting the WERX Center by holding a Corporate Family Feud Luncheon. The next Luncheon is planned for Wed., Mar. 30, 2016, at The Cotton Mill in the Event Hall from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. The event will showcase teams of local businesses and entrepreneurs answering Family Feud-type questions, along with audience participation games and raffle prizes.

The Foundation is the funding arms of the Center, and donations help to offer funding for entrepreneurs in the community, as well as supporting the open office space. The teams competing in The Feud will be made up of local businessmen and entrepreneurs and offers the business community the opportunity to see just how special the WERX Center is.

Corporate Family Feud is unique because it is building corporate development relationships through an event — an innovative process. While this is a new platform, it is not unheard of with the Tech Cocktail Start Up Competition held in early 2015, also in McKinney.

HipPocket, the winner of the Tech Cocktail Hottest Startup Competition, has seen growth and development in its organization since winning in 2015. HipPocket is a social listings service for the real estate community to share information in a meaningful and useful manner. Thanks to the Tech Cocktail Competition, the founders of HipPocket were able to get exposure, access to potential investors, and the opportunity to pitch its app at the national Tech Cocktail event in Las Vegas held last October.

It might be thought that holding events as a means to raise awareness and drum up support is unusual; but, in reality, it is a unique way to encourage investment and community involvement. The WERX Center’s Corporate Family Feud event will be a fun way to celebrate innovation and the start up community in McKinney, as well as the North Texas entrepreneurial community.

Photo by Pixabay

Blog post by: Harmony Tapper

Staff Writer