Addison TreeHouse Welcomes New Director, Shelley Widom

The Addison TreeHouse welcomes Shelley Widom as its new director. A native of Dallas, Widom brings to the TreeHouse a lifelong understanding of the importance of entrepreneurship as the daughter of an entrepreneur. Having a strong background in relationship management and firsthand experience in developing and growing a business, Widom is prepared to continue leading local startups to success at the TreeHouse.

Widom attended Collin College and the University of Kansas before starting her career at Sewell as the customer experience manager. Sewell, a well-known and highly respected luxury-brand automotive company, offered Widom the opportunity to develop her customer relationship skills. At Sewell, she had close customer contact and created lasting consumer devotion while furthering Sewell’s focus on loyalty and providing the absolute best customer service.

The Addison TreeHouse is a facility dedicated to offering support, programming, education and mentorship to aspiring entrepreneurs. A unique partnership between the city of Addison and the Dallas Entrepreneur Center intended to draw more small businesses and startups to the region by offering affordable office space and many professional development opportunities. With a unique partnership with Baylor University’s entrepreneurship program, culminating with the TREP EXPO, Widom and her team will help cultivate the next generation of business leaders and developers of startups.

Photo by Addison Treehouse

Blog post by: Harmony Tapper

Staff Writer