Dallas/Fort Worth Offers a Unique Opportunity to Engage in Drone Activity

Drones are an exciting new technology that have entirely changed how we gather information and data. They are exceptionally useful tools for gaining real-time data, and thanks to companies like DroneData, it is possible to gain useful information through high-tech data analytics and aerial mapping.

Dallas is one of the best spots to build a drone company, with DroneData, the drone rodeo, Dallas Drone, Kasling Aircraft and the Meet Up North Texas Drone User Group nearby. The Internet of Things (IoT) has created an environment where controlling drones is extremely easy and accessible to nearly anyone wishing to fly one. With the abundance of drone-related tech and the large drone community located within the Dallas/Fort Worth region, there is no question that this region is ideal for any drone-related startup.

Currently, there are no Dallas or Fort Worth city regulations limiting drone use, but the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has recently instituted new federal rules expecting all drone operators to register their unmanned aircraft online. There were a small handful of Texas laws introduced in 2015, as reported by KSAT ABC12. The new laws increased the conditions in which drones can be used to take photos; prohibited drones from flying near “critical infrastructure facilities”; and limited the use of drones throughout the Capital Complex.

The lack of legislation on the local level means that there is a lot of opportunity for would-be drone operators and businesses that wish to focus on drones to enter into the market before it is saturated.

Photo source: Pixabay

Blog post by: Harmony Tapper

Staff Writer