Engaging the Tenant | #BigDNT

Andrew Zusman, VP of product for Skyrise, Inc., featured his product at Dallas New Tech on March 1 as an engagement tool for the occupants of commercial buildings.

Appealing to property managers, Skyrise is a communication and concierge platform for commercial buildings. The app provides internal communications between building’s administration and any employee in the building through private social networking, broadcast notifications, event notifications and concierge services available within the building.

There are data and analytics provided to the building management to encourage more interaction and concierge services.

The company also just signed its first residential building to use the app. Although Zusman said it is a whole different animal, the basic principal remains the same as with the commercial side of things.

Watch the video above and learn about what is replacing the lobby information screen.

Photo by Pixabay
Marlene den Bleyker