Connecting a Classroom for Better Collaboration | #BigDNT

Russ Russell, founder and CEO of NotebookU, Inc., joined the Dallas New Tech presenters on March 1 to showcase his company’s solution for college students. He began his presentation by saying, “As college students ourselves, we recognize the need for a platform that students can use with integrated connections that college students can use to facilitate connections amongst a given class.”

He further clarified that most college students only connect with classmates who are acquaintances or in their immediate peer group, so the company saw this as an opportunity to connect students who would otherwise not know each other’s names.

Russell, a college senior, explained how when he takes classes within his major, the classes are small with a sense of community, but when he moves to large-sized classes, he feels lost. So he and his cofounder set out to solve three problems:

1. The lack of classroom community: This is solved through a dashboard called a “Major Wall,” where students can go to keep up with what is happening in their classes.

2. The need to juggle too many platforms: The platform provides class pages and group pages that allow students to collaborate in a professor-free zone.

3. The ability to find quality notes fast: The student has the ability to upload class pages and notes.

Students with a “.edu” domain can register for free, and there are three different affordable subscription levels depending on a student’s needs. Sharing notes does require a subscription.