A Common Ground for Musical Artists Through Open Source | #BigDNT

Matthew S. Lewis, founder and CEO of CommonEdits, Inc., joined Dallas New Tech on March 1 to highlight his open-source platform for 30,000 aspiring singers and bands.

“It’s a shame that the music we are getting today is too processed,” he said. “It’s made for mass consumption and lacks any nutritional value … not a lot of substance.” Lewis believes that people want to listen to the stuff that is growing organically and not processed, therefore he founded CommonEdits to curate the content so fans will be able to find stuff they like.

CommonEdits provides the tools that independent artists need to become cash-flow positive. The platform provides an interactive experience for listeners so that they can curate content, removing the barriers of entry and bloat of the music industry.

Watch the video above as Lewis outlines the platform’s four steps to success: production, licensing, marketing and distribution.

Photo by CommonEdits
Marlene den Bleyker