Introducing Launch DFW’s New Website, Made Just For YOU.

Since 2009, Launch DFW has been the leading blog covering the seed and early stage startups market for Dallas/Fort Worth. There are others that cover startups, business, enterprise, and our friends at Dallas Innovates are focused exclusively on innovation across six markets. But there’s only one media company that has the spirit of the startup community in every fiber of its being.

After a few content engagement and readership records, and nearly six months of consistent content, we’ve raised expectations. Not just the expectations of the community, but our own internal expectations. Today, we’re far more than a blog that hosts events.

Here’s one way to think about it:

“Launch DFW provides trusted, hand crafted content, and specialized events to improve the quality and quantity of opportunities for seed and early stage startups. Launch DFW is for, of, and by Dallas/Fort Worth Texas Startups.”

Today we’ve released a new website, on an all new platform powered by SoftLayer, [Disclaimer, SoftLayer is a Launch DFW Sponsor]. We’re doubling down on content with paid writers, and interns. We have lofty internal goals for content production that any major media company would admire, and a revolutionary new distributed workflow to help us get there.

We’re spending a lot of time and energy on providing video content in 2016. We’ve been beta testing the idea on the Launch DFW YouTube channel. There are already several Dallas New Techs, Ignite DFWs, and some other fun events in the channel to enjoy. Thanks to Roger Wilco for the video support.

Earlier this year, we introduced the “Launched in DFW” campaign that helps local startups tell the story of community and pride with a simple badge (see our footer for a sample). Since its launch last month, the badge has been seen more than 130,000 times.

But the most important change of all for 2016 is that we’re moving away from advertising as our revenue model. Reading content shouldn’t be a chore or a challenge, it should be a pleasure. At Launch DFW, you, the community, are the mission, and we’re looking for amazing companies that share that vision. We’re not simply selling a dream, we’re selling impact. People from more than 500 companies in the Dallas/Fort Worth startup ecosystem see the sponsor bar every day.

There are three tiers to help sponsors reach the community – all of them share one major feature: every sponsor will be present on everything we do with one persistent feature we call the sponsor bar. The website, logos at every event (40+ per month), logos in every email we send (60+ per month), and of course logos in every video we produce. One sponsorship, presence across the whole community, all at once. No one else can offer that value – at any price.

If you’ve read this far, you share the vision. See how different 2016 will be for Launch DFW, and please consider a sponsorship. We don’t have many asks of the community, this is one.

This year is gonna be big. Really big. We’d love your support.

Michael Sitarzewski

Michael Sitarzewski is the Publisher of Launch DFW, co-founder and CEO of Epic Playground, Inc., makers of inboundgeo. He is a veteran entrepreneur (and a TechStars Cloud alum) with a specific focus on Web-based software and services. Sitarzewski has been a part of the internet startup culture since 1994 and has had two exits along the way. After a seven years in the Boulder, Colorado startup community, Michael returned to Dallas, Texas, in 2013 where he’s focused on growing and increasing the visibility of the burgeoning Dallas startup community. He is the EIR at The DEC, a mentor in the RevTech accelerator, and leads several events in the Dallas area. Sitarzewski considers helping people understand and leverage technology his life's work.