Guess Where Google Looks For Tech Talent?

The Dallas-Fort Worth startup community has momentum, that’s clear. Startups here, like everywhere else in the world, grow from humble beginnings. CoFounders Lab, the co-working spaces, universities, and coffee shops are some of the places founders meet. Readers of Launch DFW have no shortage of opportunities to socialize and find each other.

But as the community matures, a narrative to watch is the how and when the larger tech companies choose to enter the space. Giants from all over the region are in need of skilled tech talent too, and many of them are finding that talent in the same places you are.

Companies like Samsung, Microsoft, Pandora, Uber, Trunk Club, RewardStyle, and today Google, are reaching into the local startup community for new hires. Here’s a post from Google on the Launch DFW Jobs board.

Be involved, and be present. That job post originated on the DFW Devs Slack, a community Slack specifically for DFW based software developers and related fields. Capital One, Intuit, and Google are there—you should be too.

Michael Sitarzewski is the Publisher of Launch DFW, co-founder and CEO of Epic Playground, Inc., makers of inboundgeo. He is a veteran entrepreneur (and a TechStars Cloud alum) with a specific focus on Web-based software and services. Sitarzewski has been a part of the internet startup culture since 1994 and has had two exits along the way. After a seven years in the Boulder, Colorado startup community, Michael returned to Dallas, Texas, in 2013 where he’s focused on growing and increasing the visibility of the burgeoning Dallas startup community. He is the EIR at The DEC, a mentor in the RevTech accelerator, and leads several events in the Dallas area. Sitarzewski considers helping people understand and leverage technology his life's work.