From the Streets to Fitness Company CEO

By Marlene Den Bleyker

In 2004, Ade Hazley spent his Christmas selling drugs. Looking around at his situation, it dawned on him that he had a pocket full of money, and two options ahead, die or dream. Hazley, said, “I chose to be positive.”

Driving straight to Target his dream evolved as he stood in the organizational section and bought supplies to begin his new life as a fitness trainer. It was with a new mantra, “Purpose is Power” that Hazley realized his dream of making the same amount of income from training that he earned from “hustling”.

He transformed his life with a plan, preparation and progressing. Hazley is now the CEO of Rock Star Fitness Camps with three Texas locations. His fitness training combines traditional exercise and core functional conditioning with an urban flare. The company has subsequently added Nutritional Meals on Wheels and yoga as part of their offerings.

  • Raquel Vincent is a Dallas-based creative with a knack for words and inspired creative direction. When she's not working, you can find Raquel hitting a gallery opening, working on her book, or thrifting for unforgettable vintage finds. She loves music festivals, tacos, and her rescue cat Berlioz.

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