Startup Profile: GF-17

As everyone knows, there are only 24 hours in a day and no one gets more or less based on their status. With so much that goes on in each day, it’s hard to carve out time to do what you really want to do, not what you’re obligated to do. Small housekeeping duties take up minutes or hours that can be used to exercise or take up something new.

GF-17 (Greatness Factory 17), the DFW-based company created by Cameron Sadler and Cynthia Jenkins, provides membership that leverages artificial intelligence to automate the adoption of technology. In other words, GF-17 helps its users adopt technologies and systems that make their personal and professional lives more streamlined and efficient and makes that use a regular part of the user’s life.

The plan of GF-17 came about when Sadler, who teaches entrepreneurship to high school students and young adults, recognized that students were graduating 10 years behind technology and there were so few avenues for high school students after graduation: college, entrepreneurship, apprenticeship, entry-level jobs, military or trade school.

Sadler and Jenkins believe that there is a seventh path that uses technology to harness the best of each of those avenues, the organization of military and the experience of entry-level jobs, so that young adults aren’t missing out on the other potentially beneficial skill sets.

Through the membership, users have access to a co-workspace/training facility to collaborate on projects and learn and create with other members. There is also New Era Tech Support (NETS) that is an on-demand technology service that provides resources and solutions to any issues the user may have via their smartphone or laptop and Coded, a messenger app that acts as GF-17’s social networking site, available only to members to connect and collaborate with other members. Coded will also utilize bots that show discounts, products and services.

The premise of the GF-17 membership will ultimately allow members to be able to maximize their full potential and make them more comfortable in adopting technology, which is an integral part of today’s society.

This year, GF-17 will be hosting a smartphone job conference in February, launching NETS and Coded and opening their co-working/training facility in the fall.

For more information about GF-17, visit the website here.

Ateanna Uriri

Ateanna Uriri is a journalism major at UNT and currently an editorial intern for Launch DFW. When she is not at school or interning, she works as a library associate for the Dallas Public Library and is an active blerd (Black nerd) with a love for books, particularly the graphic variety, old films and documentaries.