Startup Profile: EZ FORMS

Paperwork is an integral part of running a business; from invoices, agendas and other forms of important documents, it is hard to keep up with everything, especially when you are away from the office.

EZ FORMS, created by Kurt Pimentel and Rob Backus, allows employees to create, edit, execute and share forms and checklists; communicate in real time to employees and clients via push notifications and email and offers cloud storage for all those important files – whether sitting at your desk or on-site with a client.

“Our vision is to reinvent core operational and administrative functions as we support our customers in building more efficient and innovative businesses, regardless of market or industry focus,” said Pimentel.

Industries that have used EZ FORMS include restaurant and food services, home and construction, consumer package goods and government, offering forms and checklists for inspection.
With mobile apps for Android, Windows and iPhone, employees never have to lose track of who does what when managers rotate during shifts and assignments can be created and tracked anywhere.

For more information about EZ FORMS, get started and to download the app, visit their website here.


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