Startup Profile: Crowded Village, a customizable quiz app for children

The development of a child is greatly important to a parent, especially a new parent living in today’s society of mobile technology and apps. Information that was only available at a learning facility or library 20 years ago, is widely available and can be accessed anywhere.

Finding and utilizing this information in the development of your child’s education should be easy but as Chintan Sutaria and Saundarya (Saundi) Shah, makers of Crowded Village, an app created under the startup Lighthouse Prep LLC, which Sutaria founded.

Crowded Village is a quiz app that gives children aged 1 to 5 a customized learning experience. While learning the alphabet and numbers is essential, Crowded Village allows parents to create questions unique to your child’s learning needs and to your family background.

Saundi Shah felt that many of the apps on the iPad devoted to learning were not very customizable to introduce things he felt his son wasn’t learning.

“There are many skills and concepts I want to teach my kids that are not taught in school, for example, teaching them about basic hygiene or safety,” Shah said. He also wanted to incorporated things specific to their family and culture.

Shah, who is Indian, wanted to teach his son words in Gujarati, his family’s native language and about tradition and customs that are specific to their heritage like the Holi and Diwali festivals.

Crowded Village also lets parents monitor app usage, gain insight about their child’s learning behavior and diagnose developmental weaknesses. Ultimately, Sutaria and Shah wanted an app that created a community where parents can share the content created for their children to benefit other parents, because, of course, it takes a village.

For more information about Crowded Village, or to download the app through iTunes, visit their website here.

Ateanna Uriri

Ateanna Uriri is a journalism major at UNT and currently an editorial intern for Launch DFW. When she is not at school or interning, she works as a library associate for the Dallas Public Library and is an active blerd (Black nerd) with a love for books, particularly the graphic variety, old films and documentaries.