Startup Profile: Bloom Cyber Defense

The digital world is becoming ever more vast and complex. Tons of important personal and professional data can be shared with a friend or coworker in just a few minutes. That information can also be shared—unintentionally, with online hackers and thieves.

Daniel Bloom of Fort Worth, founder of Bloom Cyber Defense, believes his company can save its clients from this problem by not just selling security, but the peace of mind that their website and is secure and will remain that way for the life of the website.

Bloom Cyber Defense offers many services like full security testing, web health checkups and response team drills. Full security testing tests an organization’s website and mobile security, the integrity of the website’s data and network, among other factors that can be compromised by a cyber-attack. Web health checkups is a quick snapshot focusing on typical security vulnerabilities, areas that an organization’s website that may need extra security or to be monitored often.

Bloom Cyber Defense’s response team drills emulate real world cyber-attacks to test how the organization and its website responds to an attack, all without the real danger and compromise of an actual attack from some anonymous source.

For more information and to explore the other services Bloom Cyber Defense has, visit their website here.

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