Building forms for today’s web experience

By Marlene Den Bleyker

In today’s web environment, creating a form requires a frontend and backend developer. “Web 3.0 is here, and APIs are the connective tissue across the Internet,” according to, LLC

CEO Gary Wetzel. To overcome this issue, offers an API platform for interactive web forms for developers.

Wetzel said this is the number one choice for peer-to-peer services, so the company develops forms that work across all devices.

The company uses a subscription model that serves software developers and is seeking third-party interface tie-ins. Currently, offers its core form and API platform as open source.

The cloud-based product offers users the ability to build their own form, or the user can eliminate coding by using a drag-and-drop interface. The form can then be embedded into an app.

Wetzel said the company is selling through the platform to eventually sell to providers, recognizing that this is a “child-only” product that he sees as belonging to a portfolio.


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