Why Dallas? The Dallas Maker Space.

Local TV station CW33 recently did a short feature on the Dallas Maker Space. While it’s not news to a few in the audience, many more would benefit from knowing that these kinds of resources are available just a short drive away.

The space, in Carrollton just West of i35 near Valwood Parkway, is one of the largest in Texas. It features everything from a CNC machine, to 3D printers, welding, woodworking, and lots, lots more for just $50 per month.

The next time you need a 3D printer, they have 4, and they’re available to members free of charge. You simply pay for the consumables. Soldering irons, electronic testing equipment, and a laster cutter too.

The space hosts a free tour every Thursday evening, led by the space’s volunteer staff. It’s also home to many meetups, the NTEAA is just one.

Original story: CW33
Photo courtesy of Steve Rainwater.

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