Here’s Why A Big Architecture Firm Is Interested In DFW startups

In a Dallas Business Journal exclusive, Danielle Abril tells the story of why Gensler is looking to work with DFW startups. Spaces from 5,000 square feet and up are on their radar. While it’s not expected to be a profit center early on, it is an important part of their growth strategy.

Indeed, larger companies are paying attention to the unprecedented startup activity in the area. Today’s two founder companies will become bigger, and that is the hope of many companies in the area.

“The technology and entrepreneurial scene in general is blowing up here. On a larger corporate relocation scale, a lot of companies are moving here, which will be followed by an onslaught of smaller companies.” – Mike McKeown, Senior Consulting Strategist at Gensler

Read more at Dallas Business Journal.

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