RECAP: Collide Village Pitch Day 2015

Collide Village held its second annual Pitch Day for its three month startup accelerator yesterday. The CEO and Managing Partner of Collide Village, Tahir Hussain, kicked off the event by giving a run-down of the program’s data-centric approach to startups, and then thanked their partners including the Addison Treehouse where the program is housed.

Eight startups presented to the invite-only crowd of around one hundred attendees including investors, tech entrepreneurs, and alumni of the Collide Village program. I gathered reactions from a few investors and few startup founders. Here’s what they had to say:

Andrew Schulz, co-founder of HomeAware, said: “Thought today was a great launching pad for the business that we transformed into during the program.”

Sanjay Gulati, Founder of Gopher, said: “[Our pitch] went well. Could’ve gone worse! The Collide Village program has been crucial for us to really understand a different mindset to entrepreneurship. [Collide Village] has been really essential in building key relationships for our company. I think our relationship with [Collide Village] is one we will continue to foster as [our company] continues to grow.

Kevin Vela, of Vela Keller, said “Very impressed with the turnout. This is exactly the type of event that educates our local investor community and improves the quality of the startups at the same time. We’re proud to be a Collide Village partner.

Riz Sunderji, Founder of NameCard, said: “Inspiring event!”

Matt Himelfarb, of Dallas Venture Partners said: “Great group of companies—I am excited about the future success of Collide Village!”

Bill McNeely, PickUP Operations Guy, said: “Overall really impressed with the diversity in industries that the startups cover. Really excited that Common Edits is getting a strong positive reaction on Twitter.”

Roberto Inetti, Founder of JobNow, said: “Well I don’t know. It’s very intense. We all put all of our passion into our startups. And now we just go in [to pitch day] and do our best. Collide Village helped us a lot. The program gave us a lot of tools that shaped our business model. We learned a lot. We had amazing mentors and will definitely be keeping in touch. The most important thing we need to reinforce as entrepreneurs is the concept of community. It’s not all about completing the program. It’s about staying involved and being a resource to the next cohort that comes through [Collide Village].”

Tahir Hussain, Managing Partner of Collide Village, said: “Extremely proud of our teams. Today’s event was a great way to celebrate their hard work and we are extremely thankful for the local startup community and investor community for supporting what we do.”

Trey Bowles said: “Thought it was a great pitch day. Thought it was great that they focused on investors. Allowed teams to have one audience to pitch to. So it removes some of the ambiguity of pitching to a huge audience. That’s a really unique and creative what to do a pitch day.”

Chirag Gupta

Chirag is a reporter for LaunchDFW, primarily covering hackathons and developer conferences. Twitter is the best way to reach him: @ChicagoGupta