A Frisco Based Development Shop And The College Football Playoff

Many of Dallas-Fort Worth’s success stories go unnoticed to the local startup community, so we’ve decided to share these stories as we discover them.

This story was written by Jenni Carlson of Oklahoma’s NewsOK. In it, Carlson notes that Code Authority’s founder Jason W. Taylor is an Oklahoma native, and a college football enthusiast. The opportunity came to Code Authority not because of an existing relationship, but because of the quality of the process they’ve built:

”Code Authority, which now has 37 employees having added a dozen in the past year, has a major role with a prominent client [College Football Playoff] who puts on a huge event. What’s more, Taylor and Co. got the gig not because someone knew someone but because of their merits in that blind bidding process.“

Notably, Code Authority is based in Frisco, Texas, and hosts an annual competition for new customers it calls Code Launch. Applications open soon for the next edition.

More on Code Authority. Original post by Jenni Carlson, NewsOK.

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