Pickup Lands Perot Jain LP In A New Round Of Financing

We’ve been telling the story of the Dallas-Fort Worth Startup Community’s trajectory for years. When the family offices and the area’s billionaires (there are about 20) participate in startup funding events, we’re on the way to full-throttle.

That happened again today as Perot Jain LP, founded by Ross Perot Jr. and former Perot Systems executive Anurag Jain, led a round in Addison based Pickup. The value of the round is undisclosed as yet, but is reported to be in the millions.

“It comes down to execution. There’s a frictionless app at the front end, drivers with integrity who will do the right thing with no one looking over their shoulder, and they’re matched up in a short time with the person who has the need. It’s not an easy thing to do.”

Congrats to the team on the funding, we’re excited to see what you can do with it! Ross, Anurag, if you’re looking for more deals like these, look us up. We have some insights and reach.

Original from Dallas News.

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