VizSense: Spreading viral videos of your cat has never been easier

Many nights when I’m at home and unwinding after work, I’ll sit out on my balcony, pull out my phone, and watch some of my favorite gaming YouTubers (usually a guy named after an ocean-bound banana and another sharing David Anders’ character’s last name from Alias). As a matter of fact, I enjoy watching their videos so much that I’ve started recording my own gaming sessions in hopes of one day establishing my own channel. That’s why I was really excited when I heard about VizSense and their elegant analytics platform for tracking how videos spread across different social networking platforms.

Born from the brain of Jon Iadonisi (founder and CEO) and honed by the skill of Tad Perryman (executive director), VizSense allows anyone, from independent video makers to big name companies, to track how theirs, or a competitors’, videos are shared and spread across the web. What sets VizSense apart from other analytical platforms is the beautiful and intuitive UI that Jon and Tad built into it (seriously, check out this case study to get an idea of the bloom graphs and information display). This elegant layout is the keystone of VizSense, displaying in a simple manner all the information needed for a person that has 6 days or 6 years of social media experience. A shallow learning curve is complemented by integration with Twitter, meaning that you can interact with influential twitter users without having to write their names down and open another window and search for them on Twitter and… yeah, I’m already tired just thinking about it.

The simplicity of the UI belies the power of the information available. A person using VizSense can go from the macro (a bloom plot displaying all the different communities and online ecosystems to which your video has spread) to the micro (isolate the person/place/website/etc. of interest to you to discover new audiences) and vice-versa. The information displayed can be customized and filtered based on date, retweets and user reach, different social networking platforms, and more. All of these options allow for the discovery of truly influential users who are passionate about the content you create and can act as a catalyst of video’s virality. Jon and Tad are not stopping with just videos though, so be on the lookout as they plan to expand their platform to different analytical areas.

The tracking services of VizSense are priced beginning at $20 per video, with additional features such as archiving, exporting, etc. as the number of videos increases. So if you’re just starting out and trying to establish your own YouTube channel, you could pay $20 to track an upload of yours without any of the extra frills. At the enterprise level for bigger business, there are different packages available including a white-label package which business can rebrand and distribute the VizSense platform to their clients.

Jared Hooks

Hello! I'm currently a PhD candidate in cancer biology at UTSW. My interest for the Dallas scene first came about from volunteering with Health Wildcatters and their breakfast series. It also helps that I had a chance to spend some time in D.C. for an internship. The lessons I learned from there, networking and the importance of policy, are crucial for an entrepreneur to master in order to be successful.