A unique approach to health and wellness for Latino communities

R. Danes

One size does not fit all when it it comes to healthy living assistance, said Maria Del Carmen Uceda, CEO of a new health and wellness platform. The Vidas Sanas Healthy Lives platform aims to relieve the cost of health care to employers and insurance companies by offering preventative and sustainable health outreach programs to the Latino consumers. She explained that Latinos require health services that embody the values important to Hispanics, namely “faith, family, and fidelity.”

Carmen lamented the high rates of various chronic illnesses such as diabetes among Latino populations, and highlighted the need for raised health consciousness and more information services in the Latino community. Vidas Sanas offers a wealth of information to Latinos seeking to improve their health in the form of mobile applications, courses they can take, and even novellas or soap operas.

Further differentiating them from the crowd is Vidas Sanas’ licensing agreement enabling rapid implementation. “We are signing our first licensing agreement with a world renowned expert that looks to us to translate and adapt their messages and content and get it out to the community­­ complement it,” she stated.

Raquel Vincent

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