Calculating a win­-win for product production: Managing bids in the cloud

by Marlene Den Bleyker

How much do you charge to manufacture a circuit board? Ask Chintan Sutaria, founder of CalcuQuote, who has developed a software program that helps electronic contract manufacturers improve the speed and accuracy of their quote process.

“We help companies stop losing money on the business they are winning by helping them better price their products,” explained Sutaria at this month’s Dallas New Tech. He noted that once you provide a fixed bid to your customers you cannot revise it, creating the need to build cushion into the price. If the margin is too high, the manufacturer loses the customer. If the margin is too low, the manufacturer loses money.

CalcuQuote is a cloud‐based management system that helps the manufacturer through the entire bidding process. From the time the customer requests a quote, through establishing the right price to following up with the customer, the tool guides the process. According to Sutaria, the program is working and has an industry‐leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) integrating and co‐marketing the system, along with endorsements from large distributors.

Officially launched on September 28 of this year, CalcuQuote reports to have provided over 4,000 accurate quotes.

Dallas New Tech is a monthly showcase event for new and exciting companies/technologies.

Raquel Vincent

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