Google Glass connects in­ demand doctors with in­ need patients

by Teryn O’Brien

Most often, people have to wait weeks or months to see a medical specialist, even with dire needs to address. “This is a real issue that’s affecting millions of Americans,” said Cobby Amoah, Founder and CEO of Obaa, Inc. He discussed his company’s goal to connect medical specialists in a more efficient manner at Dallas New Tech.

Prime by Obaa

Prime by Obaa is the direct line patients need. “Our platform connects primary care providers to specialists through video calls on Google Glass,” explained Amoah. A primary care provider goes to Obaa’s website, signs up, and gets a Google Glass pair. When the Glass arrives, the doctor can easily put it on and call a specialist when needed. If a specialist isn’t online, they can leave a video message which the specialist can answer when they have time.

Pilots of the product

This service will cost $250 per user per month. The product works with doctors who own a personal practice, as well as hospital networks that have their own specialists. They have partnered with Google to get the hardware for 50 percent off and exclusive technology support. They’ve also partnered with a group of 60 initial specialists that will consult. Pilot programs are launching in cities like Philadelphia and Rochester, MN.

Raquel Vincent

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