Robots as first responders: How machine ­learning can save lives and offer peace of mind

by Teryn O’Brien

Imagine you’re away from home, and you’re getting calls from your home security company about an activated alarm, and you can’t do anything about it. It’s with this scenario that Omar Barlas, Founder of SensorSphere, opened up his presentation at Dallas New Tech.

SensorSphere’s security solution

According to Barlas, SensorSphere is hoping to change security monitoring with “a Wi‐Fi connected robotic ball to monitor your home away from home.” Homeowners will be able to use the SensorSphere to drive around home to monitor alarm situations, or just to check up on pets and kids. In commercial and public service sectors, police forces, first responders, and contractors can drive SensorShpere to monitor dangerous situations before sending in actual people.

Growing IoT market

SensorSphere is banking on a differentiated business model to take advantage of a growing market. “IoT products and service companies are going to be making more than 300 billion dollars by 2020,” said Barlas. “More than 2 billion devices will be shipped by 2019.  We will be part of that market,” he stated.vRight now, SensorSphere is focused on selling directly to consumers, as well as approaching home security companies. The product has a room‐mapping option based on machine‐learning technology, so the more someone drives the ball, the more the ball remembers about the environment.

Raquel Vincent

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