Startup Profile: Dough Boy Donuts

Melvin Roberson, owner of Dough Boy Donuts, eloquently presented his business case at One Million Cups without slides, glossy brochures, or other visual aids. He did bring donuts.

These morsels of goodness transcends the definition of donut. Roberson has created amazing flavor profiles both sweet and savory with non-traditional ingredients. The pistachio donuts with the lime glaze provide a pallet expanding experience. This cake donut with a refreshingly light citrus profile accented by pistachio, inspires a sunny mid-afternoon refreshment rather than the classic fat bomb breakfast donut. The strawberry-basil and others flavors are no less spectacular.

It is not just flavors that makes this business different, this is no ordinary bakery or food truck; it is a culinary extravaganza on wheels and can deliver, provide catering, or park with other food trucks. It is also the only one in the Fort Worth market right now. Competitors might follow, but Roberson has set the bar high.

Roberson heard the call of entrepreneurialism and marches forward with determination. He started by making fresh donuts at a catering event with a two-at-a-time fryer. He has grown the concept to the amazing donut truck, he is currently launching. His mobile donut kitchen can drop 25 donuts at a time and as soon as one screen is out the next 25 are in. He worked almost exclusively with Fort Worth businesses for equipment, logo, branding, and technical advice. He has built key relationships with businesses that provide parking at certain times and days of the week.

“There’s a new band in town, but you can’t get the sound from a story in a magazine,” sang Billy Joel. Surely, there is a correlation with donuts. These are worth the trip to Fort Worth.


Allen Crowley