Recap: One Million Cups Fort Worth

In Texas alone, there are over 300,000 reported vehicle crashes, which result in almost 88,000 casualties and over 3,400 fatalities annually. Suffice it to say, too many people die from preventable crashes.

The CEO of Samaritan, Gus Chihaba, is working to change that. Chihaba contends that we need more good Samaritans on the roads these days. Samaritan’s product is a mobile app that works with a proprietary device which plugs into the OBD II port of the vehicle or diagnostic port. Samaritan communicates information to you about your vehicle performance and your driving patterns. When you are not driving, you can check your phone and see your composite score. You download the app free and the price of the device is targeted to encourage its use.

Chihaba’ Passion is personal. Over ten years ago, his wife Sue was involved in an auto crash and she still lives with the physical pain of that crash today. “When it’s a family member it’s not a statistic,” Chihaba said. His love for his wife motivated him to dig into the statistics and do the research on ways to make driving safer for everyone and prevent crashes in the future. According to Chihaba, “We strongly feel all drivers have a responsibility to make America’s roads safer through the use of our technology.”

At the core of his passion is the idea to make driving safe fun and to begin to reduce the nearly 10 million crashes, 2.1 million casualties, and almost 46 thousand fatalities that happen in the USA annually.

Chihaba says that there are many ways to become a Good Samaritan and is looking for help to grow the business. Samaritan is ready to onboard new members for their marketing, sales, and development team.   Of course, if you drive or love someone who drives, you can support Samaritan by purchasing their product. You can download the app for free just to show support. It is available for Apple or Android. Find out out more @alephandtev, #Samaritan, #vehiclesafety.

Allen Crowley