LASH: A Delivery Service with Spirit

It’s Friday, you’re finally off of work, and you’re exhausted. Maybe you had invited friends over to snack on some food while watching Game of Thrones and having drinks. Or maybe you’d like to relax and have a nice glass of wine with your significant other. Maybe you don’t have a significant other and need something to drown your sorrows (by the way ladies, I’m single). But it’s Friday, you’re beat, and you don’t have the time or energy to fight traffic and hunt for the perfect wine or beer at your favorite spirits store. No worries, LASH has you covered.

So what is LASH? Well, an alcohol and party essentials delivery service for the Dallas area, of course! But don’t be fooled by the simplicity of it, because founders Arshaad Mirza and Manil Uppal have established a strong model for LASH to rise above its competitors. With experience in the alcohol industry, they want to provide the customer with a value they felt wasn’t being served by a person going out to a store and staring at a selection of wine, beer, or alcohol until the one with the most appealing label is selected. There had to be a better, quicker, and more enriching way for people to pick out spirits.

And that’s where the face of LASH comes in as a polished, easy to navigate app for both iPhones and Android (though you can order through their website if you dropped your phone in the toilet). The layout is intuitive and the filter options make it easy to find selections you’re interested in. From there, all you have to do is add your selections to the cart and pick a time for them to be delivered, as soon as 30 minutes from ordering. Descriptions are present for most of the alcoholic choices for those with a more discerning taste that are looking for something different. Forgot the food? Well, that’s covered too with different snack and “quick bite” options and there are plans to expand the selection as the company grows.  

The app isn’t what set LASH apart from the rest of the competition though. It’s their logistics. LASH controls the delivery aspects of their business, and that helps build a really strong business model that doesn’t just rely on direct-to-consumer purchases. With a team of drivers and delivery vehicles, LASH is poised to work with distributors, and even competitors, to fill the need for an efficient alcohol and party essentials delivery service. Arshaad and Manil are already preparing to partner with other business to leverage LASH’s logistical capabilities. Since they’ve done the heavy lifting by making sure all LASH meets all laws and regulations, it makes utilizing their delivery services a very appealing option.
With plans to expand to other cities in Texas over the next year, LASH will definitely be a startup to keep an eye on. If you’d like to check out the LASH app, you can find the Android version here and the iOS version here. Their website definitely deserves a look and can be found at with a link at the bottom for their Facebook page, where you can view frequent updates.  

Jared Hooks

Hello! I'm currently a PhD candidate in cancer biology at UTSW. My interest for the Dallas scene first came about from volunteering with Health Wildcatters and their breakfast series. It also helps that I had a chance to spend some time in D.C. for an internship. The lessons I learned from there, networking and the importance of policy, are crucial for an entrepreneur to master in order to be successful.