Rivet Radio audio traffic reports launch in Dallas-Fort Worth


Rivet Radio, the smart audio platform, recently announced its partnership with independent broadcast solutions provider, Radiate Media, to deliver listeners on-demand audio traffic reports based on the driver’s location. Traffic reports will be integrated into the listener’s playlist interspersed with Rivet’s award-winning programming and podcasts.

“Drivers can now enjoy Rivet Radio’s bite-sized audio news and feature stories, while staying updated on the latest traffic conditions, without ever having to take their eyes off the road,” said John MacLeod, Rivet Radio CEO. “We’re thrilled to work with Radiate Media to empower today’s drivers and play a part in creating a safer, more informed and pleasant journey.”

The TruTraffic geo-targeted audio reports provide listeners with comprehensive and up to the minute traffic data including real-time speeds, travel time, road incidents and available public transport. As part of its initial Beta launch, the feature is currently available in select U.S. cities including Dallas-Fort Worth.

Together, Rivet Radio and Radiate Media are collaborating to define a new product standard and format for the universal delivery of content across diverse channels. Rivet Radio is available as an app for iOS and Android devices, and also available within select vehicles through partnerships with leading automotive companies including Bosch Automotive Technologies, Jaguar Land Rover and OpenCar.

“We are excited to be working closely with Rivet to drive innovation around our new traffic audio platform,” Said Chris Rothey, Radiate Media CEO. “Short-form audio content has a bright future ahead and Rivet gets the importance of personalized and contextual audio experiences and has built a product that truly delights users. News, traffic and weather have always been a powerful combo in the radio space, and now by partnering with Rivet we can provide on-demand traffic reports to people anywhere and anytime. In addition to our best-of-breed traffic content we have the ability to monetize our services through branded audio ads by leveraging our nationally recognized advertising salesforce. We look forward to extending our ad sales capabilities to Rivet’s publisher network.”

Radiate Media joins a growing list of Rivet’s current premiere partnerships with media powerhouses including The Associated Press, American Public Media, and Crain’s Business.

Raquel Vincent

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