1 Million Cups Fort Worth Recap

Six Fort Worth Business Plan Competition finalists presented their businesses at One Million Cups Fort Worth last Wednesday. Participants had three minutes to pitch, three minutes for questions and answers, and two minutes for feedback from the audience. Companies included Zoomeez, Kingdom Consulting which helps with taxes, Benefit for Acupuncture, Tribe Dancewear, In good Company and Reduce Plastics.  It was a diverse group of great presenters including a few standouts.

Reduce Plastics has developed a proprietary system for recycling and combining multiple forms of non-biodegradable plastic into plastic packaging that biodegrades after 36 months. Founder Jeff Drummond is passionate about his company and says that Reduce Plastics can live up to its name in two ways.  First reducing the need for new plastics in packaging and secondly by biodegrading the plastics after use. Clearly this has implications for investors and the environment.  Jeff Drummond

Zoomeez is a creative endeavor to get kids moving. Founder Kenn Scott has an impressive creative background and is targeting the problem of child obesity with a musical and educational video series designed to capture the attention of preschoolers thru 1st graders.

Tribe Dancewear – the founders leveraged their dance experience to develop innovative and comfortable designs and manufacture dance clothes for women age 8-18. One Tribe features street wear inspired looks with fabric choices that are superior to what is currently available. These performance costumes enhance the dance and provide comfort to the performer. “Clothes make a statement, costume tells a story.”

In Good Company Texas  – inspired the audience to take social skills and etiquette seriously especially for young children. The principle brings over ten years of experience to the business of providing etiquette training for children to the business.  She showed research based evidence of the social skills employers are looking for, the social skills helping people succeed, and the lack of social skills in the professional world today.

Six great presentations at IMC and we’ll be looking forward to more news on these startups in the future.

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