Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs

Today not only marks the beginning of October (and hopefully cooler weather) but it also signals the start of #WEDallas, a month long celebration of women entrepreneurs hosted by The Dallas Entrepreneur Center (The DEC). I chatted with Lauren Zeien, VP of Programming for The DEC to learn more about this new initiative.

Last Spring, The DEC hosted some programming geared especially for women entrepreneurs. Is #WEDallas a continuation of those efforts? 

When we first realized the need for #WEDallas we thought maybe 50 -100 women would sign up, we had 500 women sign up for our one day program. That immediately said to us, this is way more then we thought. From there we built out extensions of this program like Startup Weekend: Women’s Edition and additional #WEDallas one off events. Now, the timing is right and the community is asking for something bigger. Alas, #Wedallas month is born.

What can the community expect from #WEDallas?
Enriched, multi-deminsional series of programs aimed at ignited the spirit and mind. Our goal is to excite and propel women entrepreneurs or hopeful entrepreneurs to go after their goals and dreams. All of the ideas, inspiration & excitement that come from the events is really exciting.
Who are some of the guest speakers?
Lindsey Killbride, the VP of Trunk Club and Megan Hodges, the Co-Founder Rise, and Debra Brennan Tagg, the Managing Partner of Brennan Financial Services are just some of the guest speakers we’ll have throughout the month.
Why is it important to have this kind of programming for female entrepreneurs? 
Ideas and brilliance see no gender or race. We are constantly seeing more and more female ceos and startup founders. It is important to make sure they know there is a network and support group to build upon and women are looking for other women to connect with, bond, and learn from—we are giving them a platform for that.
#WEDallas kicks off today at The DEC. For more information and a list of events, check out their website here
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