Startup Hustle: Joe Payton of Genius Den

Startup Hustle showcases leaders in technology, startups, and entrepreneurship across North Texas. Not your typical news story, this weekly series gives an inside look at the personalities of the diverse and multi-faceted people who make the DFW startup community so special. Be sure to check in every Friday for this weekly series!

Joe Payton, Founder, President GeniusDen Business Incubator

Hometown: Denver CO (Born in Houston, TX)

Current Neighborhood: Deep Ellum

Describe your typical day in one sentence: I bring startup founders together with technical resources and with advisers to help them built their companies.

What was your first job? Self employed, I mowed lawns. And also worked in a small grocery store.

Define a “startup hustler” in 140 characters. Vision becomes reality through action and skill.

What’s your drink? Chocolate coconut water.

Finish this sentence: “Dallas got it right when…” They built the popup park on Crowdus and Main in Deep Ellum.

What can Dallas do better? Start seeing the greater world beyond your small bubble of people, see the long view in life, seek ways to help others.

What can’t you live without? A shower every morning. I can go without food (10 day record) without sleep (three day record), but I’ve gotta have my showers.

Finish this sentence: “The show you’ll catch me binge-watching is…” Game of Thrones.

What’s the best place to get coffee in Dallas? GeniusDen—we have awesome coffee sponsors bringing in great coffee here.

It’s been a great day. Where in Dallas do you go to celebrate? Top of the ball at Hyatt—I can get sushi and a cocktail in the lounge, watch the sun set over Dallas and get new perspective on the city and also on life.

Pandora, Spotify, or Songza? Pandora.

Who motivates you? I’m self motivated. If I don’t do it, it won’t get done.

Tell us a random piece of trivia about yourself. I like to guess where you are from (what city) by talking with you and listening to your accent. For some areas of the world I can guess down to the small town you are from.

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