Front Porch Conference for Developers returns in October

Front Porch Conf is returning October 20 to the Granada Theater from 9 am to 5 pm. The main conference is at the Granada Theater, a historic location in the Lower Greenville district. Parking is provided, and it is also just a few blocks from DART’s Rail stop at Mockingbird Station.
This year, the conference is also hosting two additional workshops October 21 and 22 at Nod Coworking.
Front Porch Conf invites the Dallas Fort-Worth developer community to attend a day-long event featuring web’s leading experts in front-end web design and development.  Tickets are on sale for $150 per person for the conference and $200 per workshop. Conference tickets include a provided lunch and an invitation to the happy hour after party.
“These topics apply to more than just developers,” said Chris Williams, conference organizer. “Pretty much anyone who works on the web, from project managers to designers and developers, needs to understand the quickly changing landscape of the web and the tools we use to build it.”
Talks at the conference include topics on cutting edge web technology, brand management, design decisions and research, and more.
The first workshop is on a much-heralded architecture strategy for websites called SMACSS—Scalable and Modular Architecture for CSS.  Jonathan Snook, the creator and author of SMACCS, is hosting the workshop with Front Porch Conf October 21 at NoD Coworking.
The second workshop focuses on building sites to work across multiple devices using Responsive Web Design.  Responsive Web Design has become the gold standard for today’s modern site. Matthew Carver, an author of The Responsive Web, hosts a day-long workshop on Responsive Web Design October 22 at NoD Coworking.
“These two workshops fit perfectly with the tech industry in DFW. Understanding how SMACSS and responsive web design works are key to having a maintainable, scalable website,” said Williams. “We’re not talking about a few blogs or marketing pages.  The sites we build in DFW are for major e-commerce businesses who depend on their sites being just as performant–if not better–on mobile devices as the are on desktop browsers.”
Interested in attending the conference, click here to purchase you tickets. You can learn more about the speakers and topics at
Raquel Vincent

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