Startup Hustle: Malcom Woods helps you dine like a boss

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Malcolm Woods , Co-Founder & CEO of DineMob

Tell us about DineMob: DineMob partners with restaurants to deliver flash-sale dining deals though our mobile app targeting their off-peak hours—think HotelTonight for restaurants.

Hometown: Houston, TX 

Current Neighborhood: I currently dwell in Addison, but our office is at Alto 211 in downtown Dallas.

Describe your typical day in one sentence. Hell I wish I could, everyday is a different challenge, I’m just figuring it out as I go.

What was your first job? My first job was working for a party equipment rental service. I was supposed to be setting up bounce houses at private parties making sure kids didn’t jump on each other. I didn’t, I was 15 and joined in often.

Define a “startup hustler” in 140 characters. A startup hustler is an absolute risk taker, someone who is willing to bet all their cards on themselves, and probably sleep deprived.

What’s your drink? I’m a sucker for a good Manhattan or pineapple Ciroc chilled.

Finish this sentence: Dallas got it right when… they started Wingstop. You’re not living life if you haven’t had their lemon pepper wings and french fries.

What can Dallas do better? I wish businesses stayed open later. Past 9 pm you’re option of doing anything outside of bar hopping is greatly diminished.

What can’t you live without? Good food. Steak, burritos, gumbo, pizza, I don’t discriminate.

Finish this sentence: The show you’ll catch me binge-watching is… Game of Thrones, I could watch Natalie Dormer’s smirk all day.

What’s the best place to get coffee in Dallas? Not a coffee person, but I’d like to try Stupid Good Coffee based on the name alone.

It’s been a great day. Where do you go to celebrate? Somebody’s patio for good food and drinks, shouldn’t be much of a surprise, I did start a restaurant marketing company.

Pandora, Spotify, or Songza? I’m going to go Spotify here, although I may be getting pulled into the Tidal hype.

Who motivates you? I’d say less of of who and more of what. The what is fear, fear of working on boring projects that I have no control over. Having worked corporate jobs for the past 7 years, I’m now free to create and innovate every single day outside of the bounds of a team of decision makers I’ve never met.

Tell us a random piece of trivia about yourself. You would never guess that my co-founder and I were in a touring hip-hop trio in high school. Catch me drinking and I’d be glad to spit a few lines.


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