Cariloop Announces Launch of Upgraded Service Platform

Cariloop announced this week that it has successfully launched an upgraded version of its web platform in Texas designed to help consumers navigate the very complex healthcare system for their older loved ones. This software upgrade introduces several new features and services that will add value to the user experience to save time and reduce stress.

One new feature is a “Get Help!” button that allows users to schedule video chats with healthcare professionals, such as a nurse or social worker, who can answer questions and help create a custom care plan. This service is being offered initially for $300, which provides access to the healthcare professional for up to five hours of time.

Additionally, Cariloop expanded its web platform to allow family member collaboration, secure file sharing and storage, as well as advanced filtering of long-term care providers in Texas. The company plans to include additional states in its database in early 2016.

As many as 4 out of 10 adults are caring for a sick or elderly loved one, with nearly one-third of them spending more than 30 hours per week on caregiving duties, according to Genworth Financial. These figures are expected to continue rising as our nation’s baby boomers retire. Cariloop is positioning itself to play a pivotal role in reducing the time and cost necessary for family caregivers to navigate the medical, financial, legal, and emotional challenges that come with this process.

In addition to launching the upgraded platform, Cariloop is reporting that the company has raised an additional $180,000 from its seed round investors since last year, which has furthered business development efforts and helped initiate sales to employers and professional membership groups. These groups represent a significant opportunity for the company since the challenges of senior care have a major effect on employers and other organizations.

Caring for an older loved one is affecting about 11 million employees’ work performance each year, according to a MetLife estimate, and costing employers upwards of $34 billion in lost productivity as well as increased absenteeism and health costs. Cariloop’s services provide a solution to mitigate the negative effects that employees’ caregiving responsibilities for an older loved one have in the workplace.

“Since graduating from Health Wildcatters and raising that first $420,000 in seed funding last year, we’ve made very some exciting progress with our business and have modified parts of our model to be able to provide service to large groups of people,” said Cariloop CEO, Michael Walsh. “Thanks to the efforts put forth by our incredible team, we’re in the process of onboarding our first 10,000+ members by January 1st of 2016.

“You can’t possibly imagine how stressful and difficult this issue is for your employees unless you have been through this personally. Having Cariloop’s concierge service available to employees will help limit absenteeism and keep the employee better focused on work during the day.”


Cariloop’s revolutionary service platform helps families plan for and manage an older loved one’s journey through the healthcare system. By utilizing our digital case management tools and accessing our concierge coaches via video chat, people can more efficiently and effectively navigate this stressful process and focus on what’s most important—the health and well-being of themselves and their loved ones.

Raquel Vincent

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