Startup Hustle: Trey Bowles of The DEC and Addison Treehouse

Startup Hustle showcases leaders in technology, startups, and entrepreneurship across North Texas. Not your typical news story, this weekly series gives an inside look at the personalities of the diverse and multi-faceted people who make the DFW startup community so special. Be sure to check in every Friday for this weekly series! 

Trey Bowles, CEO & Co-Founder Dallas Entrepreneur Center and The Addison Treehouse

Tell us about The DEC and The Treehouse: We are a central hub that provides entrepreneurs with education, training, mentorship, incubation, coworking, promotion, and access to capital. We are focused on helping entrepreneurs start, build, and grow businesses while also working to help created a collaborative ecosystem for entrepreneurs that showcases the fact the Dallas is a leading entrepreneur hub in the country.

Hometown: Dallas, TX

Current Neighborhood: I live north of downtown around Preston Center. I spend most of my time in the community. You can find me at our headquarters at The DEC in the West End or I might be at the Addison TreeHouse, our second location north of downtown or hopefully running around and seeing all of the great activity going on in all of North Texas for entrepreneurs.

Describe your typical day in one sentence: I spend most of my day entrepreneuring at the DEC, the TreeHouse or teaching entrepreneurship at SMU or basically anywhere there are entrepreneurs trying to grow their businesses and building a community.

What was your first job? I worked at I Can’t Believe It Yogurt.

Describe a “startup hustler” in 140 characters: A startup hustler is someone that works tirelessly and endlessly to pursue their vision and dreams to reach their goal.

What’s your drink? I like wet alcoholic drinks and this can find its way in the form of red wine, vodka, whisky or anything else that gets the job done.

Finish this sentence, “Dallas got it right when…”: it decided to come together as a community and build upon the historic tradition of bringing together entrepreneurs, innovators and culture shapers to make this the best city in the world to start a business.

What can Dallas do better? Continue to work collaborative with all stakeholders that make up an ecosystem. This is not just about entrepreneurs and investor, but rather all stake holders in a community including corporations, universities, municipalities, media outlets, coworking spaces, incubators/accelerators, and much more.

What can’t you live without? My wife and two sweet kids.

The show you’ll catch me binge-watching is: The West Wing

What’s the best place to get coffee in Dallas? Urban Blend. It is about 200 steps from my office.

It’s been a great day, where do you go to celebrate? Shinsei. the greatest sushi in Dallas.

Pandora, Spotify, or Songza? Spotify

What motivates you? I really like helping to find and empower leaders, entrepreneurs, and supporters to help change the world.

Tell us a random piece of trivia about yourself: I used to write reality television shows to help promote a technology company I was building.

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