DineMob helps you dine like a boss

Hey, Dallas foodies, let me ask you two questions: do you want to try out every best Big D restaurants with an affordable budget? Do you feel excited to go directly into popular restaurants without staying in line for an hour? If you say yes to either of these, well, you need DineMob!

DineMob allows you do “dine like a boss” with their platform connecting great restaurant resources to those who enjoy good food. They collaborate with restaurants to deliver flash-sale dining deals at their off-peak hours. Moreover, DineMob has established a gamification system to incentivize loyal and return customers—they are rewarded by sharing deals with friends that go towards a future deal. DineMob works with non-chain medium to high-end restaurants and targets social, digital technology-savvy millennials and young professionals.

DineMob began when when founder and CEO Malcolm Woods had an “aha” moment sparked by his brother. Wood’s brother (who is a notorious haggler) would visit restaurants during slow times and ask for something free. Sometimes it was a free entree, a free appetizer, or a free drink in exchange for the promise to bring more friends to join him, ultimately bringing the restaurant more business.

Woods, who has seven years experience in developing enterprise-level mobile applications, then sought to create an app that could recreate this scenario on a mass scale. He went full-time with DineMob in early 2015, joining the most recent Tech Wildcatters class and presenting their pitch at the American Airlines Center this past May. DineMob also showcased at Collision in Las Vegas earlier this year.

Since officially launching earlier this year, the team has grown to 10 employees, advisors, and interns. DineMob is now working with several Downtown Dallas restaurants and their app is currently available for download for Android with the iPhone app coming soon.

Zhaodi Liu

Zhaodi Liu (Jodi) recently graduated from UTD with a master’s degree in digital marketing. She is a digital marketer, social media enthusiast, and individual blogger. In the daytime, she works at Burada, a local custom software development company. In the nighttime, she becomes a DEC Ambassador and industry event promoter for UTD international students. In the future, she would like to become an international business liaison between China and the United States.