Startup Hustle: Kelly Cullum of PayHub

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Kelly Cullum, Director of Integrated Sales (but I asked for Empire Builder), SignaPay | PayHub. We bring the human element to electronic payments.

Hometown: Jupiter…..yes like the planet

Current Neighborhood: Why only what Money magazine claims to be the best city in America: Mckinney, TX. I work in Irving but I don’t know what their claim to fame is. That they are super close to the airport.

Describe your typical day in one sentence: I like to start the day with a little yoga followed by hustling then kiddie time and bed.

What was your first job? A hostess at a restaurant. I got fired because a pregnant lady thought I was flirting with her husband when the reality is I was trying to be overly nice since I sat them at the restaurant’s worst table.

Describe a “startup hustler” in 140 characters: This person eats, sleeps, breathes, and you-know-what their startup. Oh, and better be crazy smart.

What’s your drink? It’s was belvedere-soda-cran with a lime but then I moved to the great state of Texas and discover Deep Eddy’s ruby red. Yum. So now it is Deep Eddy’s Ruby Red-soda with a lime.

Finish this sentence, “Dallas got it right when…”: They built Perot museum. I am not faster than a T-Rex and I am still mad about it.

What can Dallas do better? Get a decent nightclub.

What can’t you live without? Diet Coke, it might give me cancer but it makes me super happy.

The show you’ll catch me binge-watching is: Law & Order: SVU. I love me some Olivia Benson.

What’s the best place to get coffee in Dallas? I have not had a cup of joe in Dallas but the Starbucks off 635 and Beltline is amaze-balls.

It’s been a great day. Where in Dallas do you go to celebrate? Perry’s for some of their french onion soup. Yum.

Pandora, Spotify, or Songza? Pandora but I think it’s has been like 3 years since I have used it.

Who motivates you? My hubby, cliche I know, but he is the smartest, most well rounded person I know. When I grow up I want to be just like him.

Tell us a random piece of trivia about yourself: It is quite likely you will catch me driving with the windows down, music blaring, dancing like a fool. I secretly think I am J-Lo.

Raquel Vincent

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